Replacement Handle/OEM’s

Tennessee Hickory® Products, one of the country's major producers of hickory and ash handles and dimension, is located in the hickory timber growing region of the U.S. with mills in Loudon and Memphis, Tennessee. All types of replacement tool handles are available in hickory, ash, along with fiberglass. Handles can also be custom manufactured according to the specifications of the customer.

Replacement handles are available for:
  • Picks
  • Sledges & Mauls
  • Axes & Hatchets
  • Hammers
  • Shovels
  • Rakes & Hoes
  • Forks
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tennessee hickory replacement handles / oem

Quality replacement handle features:

  • Genuine second growth hickory and tough white ash
  • Gauged eyes for proper tool eye fit
  • Turned for maximum hand/grip comfort and control
  • Finished in weather -resistant lacquer or Carnauba wax6 quality grades/finishes 72 sizes to fit most tool requirements and patterns
  • Assembly instructions and wedge packs included
  • Label and UPC coding
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(OEM's - Special Hickory Handles and Hardwood Turnings Tennessee Hickory® Products) has the capability to manufacture custom handles and turnings to customer specifications. Send prints and/or samples with your specifications for a quote today. Go to