Tennessee Hickory® Handles - EDP NUMBERING SYSTEM

Positive Identification - Order Entering- Inventory Control - Cataloguing UPC Coding (available on request, certain brands)
  • Tennessee Hickory® Handles presents an EDP numbering system which positively identifies the Type, Style, Length and Brand of handles, plus other information in simplified form.
  • This system will eliminate errors, misinterpretations and is a timesaver. Its use is suggested for Purchase Orders, Catalog Numbers and Inventory Control.
  • The basic numbers are in the Price List, and the complete number for every handle will appear in the “Item No.” column on each invoice.

How It Works

  • The entire “Handle Number” is composed of four digits.
  • Hickory Handles have been separated into ten groups as to the TYPE of handle; e.g., Axe, Pick, Sledge, Hammer and Hatchet, etc.
  • These groups are numbered from 1,000 to 10,000. The “thousands” number signifies the TYPE OF HANDLE.
  • Each type of handle includes several different STYLES of handles: e.g., Bent Single Bit Axe, Nail Hammer, Machinist’s Hammer, etc.
  • The STYLE OF HANDLE is designated by the “hundreds” number. By combining the correct “thousands” number with the proper “hundreds” number, the type and style of handle is identified.
  • The LENGTH of the handle is shown by the “tens” number. The length of the handle in inches composes the last two digits of the entire handle number.
  • BRAND identification: The entire handle number is followed by a hyphen (or a space) and the BRAND NUMBER.
  • The Brand Number is found in the price list.
  • An additional hyphen (or space) and a number following the brand number denotes the WEIGHT of tool with which the handle is used. This is required only on certain handles where the weight of tool is specified.
  • SUFFIXES: “X” denotes Octagon Grip. “S” denotes Small Eye.
Head & Eye Handle Chart
tennessee hickory 35 inch victor double bit axetennessee hickory 34 inch regent 6-lb napping hammertennessee hickory 14 inch duke octagon nail hammer28 inch flame seasoned boy's axe
Our minimum order is $200. If you need one handle or just a few contact us & we will let you know where to buy them in your area or online.