Best Quality Hickory Handles

Here at Tennessee Hickory Products we craft quality wooden handles. From hickory logs, to planks, to handles, to the lacquer finish, we do it all in-house.
We Provide High Quality Hickory Handles

Best Quality Hickory Handles

We are manufacturers and wholesalers of quality hickory striking tool handles and hickory Dimension since 1923. Located in the Tennessee River Valley  Appalachian Hickory wood is manufactured into sledge, hammer, axe and pick handles by skilled craftsmen. The handles start with hickory logs, and finish with a beautifully dipped lacquer, or smooth tumbled wax.
made in USA

Why Choose Hickory Handles?

  • Hickory Is A Sustainable And Renewable Resource
  • Hickory Is Ergonomically Better For Comfort And Stress Reduction
  • Hickory Is More Economical Than Other Handle Alternatives
  • Hickory Handles Are Easily Replaced And Are Environmentally Friendly
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Our handles are turned to fit the grip of the user's hands ensuring extra comfort and better control of the tool.

Here are some facts about our tools:

  • Since hickory is a natural product; handles traditionally have Been classified into different grades according to:
    • density
    • freedom from defects
    • color
    • grain structure
  • Hickory logs produce the best handles and are selected for their heavy weight, and straight grain.
  • The color of the wood does not affect the strength or quality of the handle.
  • The U.S. Forest Products Lab has found no difference in white or red hickory's strength. Therefore, the best hickory handles may be white, red or a mixture of both.
  • All our Handles are Sorted, and Selected for:
    • The Job the Handle is Designed to Perform
    • Absence of Defects
    • Top Quality Grain
  • Sledge, Axe, Railroad Pick, Garden Mattock, Nail Hammer and Blacksmith are among the handles manufactured.
  • Some specialty items include:
    • Spike Maul Handles
    • Hickory Mallet Hammers
    • Adze Handles
    • File Handles
    • Tomahawk/Throwing Hatchet Handles
  • Hickory blanks and dimension are manufactured and sold by Charles O. Cox Corporation.
  • Ash tool handles are available for the following:
    • Lawn and Garden tools
    • Contractor Applications
    • Agriculture Tools
  • Hardwood survey stakes are also available
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