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Our striking tool handles are manufactured from genuine American Hickory grown in the Tennessee River Valley region.

Hickory is a natural shock absorber and has excellent strength for tool handles. The hickory tree has been used for hundreds of years for some of the most demanding uses including wagon wheel spokes and tool handles.

The first tool handles were hand carved and later turned on "Defiance" lathes.

Today, hydraulic and air automatic lathes do the machining but every handle is still visibly inspected and graded because hickory is a natural product.

Below is the story of the why hickory is tough and hard. Please watch the "Hard as Hickory" video for more information.

The Flame Seasoned Line, tough, down to the very last fiber.

Tennessee Hickory® Flame Seasoned Handles, carved from fine second growth Tennessee Hickory, are tempered by a process known to the Indians before the white man came to America.

The Indians discovered that tempering hickory over live flame gave the wood a hard protective finish, a tightly sealed surface that resisted harmful weather. This process actually strengthened the fibers of hickory, the toughest wood known.

The principle of live flame tempering remains unchanged. But where the Indians went at it trial and error, at Tennessee Hickory® we carefully regulate the process with the most modern equipment. The results are the finest hickory handles in the medium price field.
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What Our Clients Are Saying

I have been here twice buying handles for Axes, shovels, hammers, etc.

Both times the service was great. This is a pretty cool place where they actually make the tool handles, so the layout isn't a conventional store, but a workshop/warehouse. Keep that in mind when you visit and it'll be fine, and also bring the tool you are buying the handle for!
Happy Customer